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Hurricane Safety 101

By July 5, 2021Insurance

Hurricane season officially started on June 1st! Do you know what to do if a hurricane is headed your way? If there is a possibility of a hurricane in your area, follow these tips for pre-hurricane safety.

·         Always attempt to evacuate if suggested. Know your evacuation routs ahead of time.

·         Pay close attention to local news. Follow local TV and radio channels for announcements or instructions.

·         Invest in a battery operated or hand crank radio. In the event of a loss of power, you want to be sure that you can get accurate and current information about the storm.

·         Cover windows. Be sure to cover windows with plywood to avoid damage and potential safety hazards.

·         Plan your safe room. If the storm becomes dangerous to those inside your house, have a designated safe area to wait it out. A basement is ideal, but a centrally located room with no windows can also work.

·         Keep flashlights. Flashlights can be important for safety during and after a storm if the power goes out. Never use a candle or lighter, as an open flame can ignite a gas leak.

In the event of a hurricane, you never want to be left without the right coverage. Contact C.T. Lowndes and Company today to find out how we can help!